Winter Wonderland

In the part of the Pacific Northwest that I live in, experiencing a "true winter" is a miraculous treat. Usually our winter consists of many days of rain, maybe some dry but very cold days, and sometimes, if we're lucky, a bit of snow, though typically not more than a few inches. The last time we had any real significant snowfall was in 2008, shortly after we had moved in to our new home. I was in my glory (here is my post on that snow). Our town is barely above sea level, about 30'. We don't see much snow.  
Last week there were rumors on the news of snow coming our way. I thought, "is it possible? could it really be true? Snow?!" You see, I. LOVE. SNOW!!! Thursday morning I left for work with just a few fluttering flakes. I work as what I call a "personal assistant" for an older gal. I drive her to appointments, the store, do things around her house and yard, etc. Thankfully she only lives about 10 minutes max from my house. By 11:00 the snow was really starting to come down and the wind was blowing hard. We decided it was best that I head home. I am thankful for 4 wd and the fact that I am pretty confident in my driving skills. After a stop at the bank, gas station and grocery store, I headed home. Boy was it crazy. I couldn't wait to get home...everyone in a panic trying to get stocked up on food, traffic blocked from getting on the freeway, people getting off the freeway, wind and snow blowing. 

(The pictures below are from Thursday's snowfall)

I made it home and was ready to be happily hunkered down in our home for however long it took. Much to my delight we ended up with 10" or so over the course of the weekend. Sunday evening the rain began to arrive and now all the snow is melted away. I enjoyed a wonderful 4 full days of it. 

The photos below are from Friday and Saturday. I love our trees when they are covered in snow. It makes me happy. Benelli, our 11 month old lab LOVED the snow!!! She was so funny!

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Wasn't it awesome?! I'm in Portland and having three days in a row of snow was amazing. Such a treat - and of course, the kids had a BLAST.

    1. Thanks Mindy. I'm only about 30 minutes north of you.It was fun wasn't it!

  2. Oh my goodness Kirstin!! How beautiful!! It does look like had a blast for sure! And your home nestled in the trees is just so lovely and peaceful. I know y'all enjoyed this little bit of Winter!

    1. Thanks Jen...we did enjoy it! Thoroughly!! So much fun!


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