Recipe: Made from Scratch Green Bean Casserole

Who doesn't love green bean casserole? Well, okay, I'm sure someone out there doesn't love it, or even like it. I, for one do, but have grown tired of all the "fake" stuff that goes in to it. This year for Thanksgiving (I know it's already past Christmas...I haven't had time to post), my FIL requested that I make green bean casserole. I remembered finding a recipe one time for an "all from scratch" green bean casserole. I set out to find it, and I did. 

Everyone loved it. It's a bit time consuming but VERY worth it. You will never go back to the "old" way of doing Green Bean Casserole again. I've used the homemade "mushroom" soup in my tuna casserole and it completely kicked it up a notch. I don't think I'll ever buy canned cream of mushroom soup again.

Let's get on with the recipe. I found it at the wonderful blog, The Cozy Apron. Click this link for the full recipe and her great pictures. Leave yourself plenty of time for this simply because there are several steps, but if you plan ahead it shouldn't be a problem. You can make it ahead and then assemble later. Looking back I can't remember if I did any of it the night before...that's wasn't that long ago....yikes. 

There are 3 separate components to this recipe; the beans, the parmesan mushroom sauce and the crispy onions (once you do these onions, you will never go back to canned ones). 

Please go to Cozy Apron's blog for complete recipe since it is very long. I printed it so it was handy and because sometimes I've gone back to find a recipe I had liked only to find the blog or website or recipe sad. 

My notes: 

*I definitely blended my mushroom parmesan sauce. I think it actually added a richness that it didn't have when the mushrooms were whole. Plus, my girls don't like mushrooms, so this hid them well.

*I sliced my onions on a mandolin to ensure they were thin enough. 

*I purchased the package of french cut green beans from Costco. One package is perfect. 

*Like I said above, last week I made the sauce again and used it in my tuna casserole which really kicked it up a notch. I saved the leftover sauce and we used it later when heating up leftovers. 

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  1. I did a homemade version before and it depends on who you are with as to if they like the canned way. I always prefer homemade to canned. I would love to try this one!


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