Panini Heaven

I enjoy sandwiches, but what I really love is a good grilled sandwich, and even moreso a really good panini. I recently purchased The Pampered Chef's Grill Pan and Panini press...It has gotten much use, so much, that it stays on the stove. 

About a month or so ago I had bought a jar of pesto at Costco that is awesome. It's called Superfood Pesto by Pasta Prima (I believe). I have used it on, of course, pasta, but also as a base to pizza (which was to die for), and most recently on our panini's which gives them an out of this world flavor. It just kicks it up a notch. I have come to the conclusion that pesto could be that one ingredient you keep in the house to make the ordinary, extraordinary, as well as a quick meal maker if unexpected company shows up. All you need is pasta or chicken and some pesto! Quick meal in a jiffy.

Back to the sandwich. The other day Kristianna was hungry. I needed to go grocery shopping and so options were limited. I did have a chicken breast in the fridge that I decided I could cook up a few paninis. Of course after I made them and we devoured them I thought about taking a picture. So this week I made the same sandwiches but with turkey lunchmeat instead of sliced chicken breast. 

2 slices Oro Wheat Sandwich Thins or other thick hard crusted bread
meat of choice...lunchmeat or leftover turkey or chicken breasts
cheese of choice
red pepper

The beauty of a panini is you can top it with whatever you want so get creative.


1. Heat your grill, grill pan, or whatever it is you are using on medium heat. Rachel Ray did a segment where she wrapped a brick in foil and used that as the press.

2.  brush the outside of each slice of bread with oil. Flip over.

3. Spread mayo on one side of the bread. Spread pesto on the other side.
4. Top with cheese, meat, tomato, pepper, avocado, spinach and more cheese. Add second slice of bread.
5. Place on heated grill pan and place press on top. Cook for about 4 minutes, then flip over.  Depending on the heat they may take less or more time. 
Remove from heat, and enjoy. We enjoyed ours with some homemade potato chips!

With Joy UNquenchable,


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