Recipe: Favorite Summer Salad

My mom was an amazing cook. I miss her everyday but I think of her everyday, especially when I'm in the kitchen cooking. She always supplied us with yummy food, even when money was tight, we were always fed, and filled with lots of love!

One of her favorite and most simple of salads to make was this fresh Green bean/tomato/egg salad. I usually just call it a Summer Salad, because the ingredients are so easily found in your garden! I had some green beans to use up yesterday so this seemed the perfect salad to make. I also put a few cooked beans in the freezer to have later in soup.

I know many gardens are at their peak, or maybe coming to an end, so head on out and make this yummy salad. 

Summer Salad


There are no specific quantities, just use as much as you want for the may want more beans than tomato, or like me, I left out the onion this time. That's why it's so perfect. You can make a little or a lot, it doesn't matter. 

Fresh green beans, cut in bite size pieces and steamed till crisp tender.

Tomatoes, chopped in to bite size pieces

hard boiled eggs

chopped onion (optional)

Italian Salad Dressing


Combine all ingredients. 

With Joy UNquenchable,


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