Recipe: Homemade Magic Shell

When I was little, okay, even when I was older, my favorite ice cream topping was Magic Shell....I mean, I would drown my icecream in the stuff, anxiously wait for it to harden and then savor every bite. However, as I've grown older and "wiser" I've realized that the ingredients in Magic Shell probably aren't the best for me. Then via Pinterest I discovered that, GASP, I could make my own. Talk about excitement. But I hadn't gotten around to doing it. We really like ice cream. My hubby and girls really LOVE ice cream, but we don't indulge too often.

 The other night we splurged and I made some yummy, creamy, amazing ice cream and decided that this occasion called for homemade Magic Shell. It couldn't have been easier, keeps well in the fridge and is easy to heat up and re-use. I kept it fairly basic, but plan to experiment with different flavors.


1 c. chocolate chips
2 Tbs. coconut oil
2 Tbs. peanut butter (this was my addition)

Melt all ingredients either in microwave or on stove top, just until melted. Cool slightly if necessary (you don't want to melt the ice cream). Pour over ice cream and allow to harden. Store in fridge in a microwave safe container. When re-heating, take lid off and heat until chocolate is melted again.

Presto! Amazing, wonderful, tasty Magic Shell without all the nasty ingredients!!! Give it a try.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. What?! I'm totally trying this.

  2. You should try it for sure. It is so good and so much like the real thing!!


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