Recipe: Pizza Fritte

One of my favorite treats growing up were these wonderful fried biscuits that my mom would make. She would use store bought canned biscuits, fry them in hot oil and serve them to us with sugar or grape jam. I LOVED these things. We called them Pizza Fleet (probably because we mis-heard the real name). 

These yummy, not at all healthy for you treats are really called Pizza Fritte (Italian Fried Dough). When I was in Florida recently we made these with my cousins little girls. The last time my family visited, my grandma made them with my girls. So, when we made them this time, we tried to Face Time my girls so they could see us making them. However Face Time and Skype weren't working and by the time it did, we had eaten all of the Pizza Fritte. But we sure enjoyed them.


Oil for frying
All purpose dough (homemade or store bought pizza or bread dough or if you're really in a hurry a container of biscuits, however I'm more of a fan of homemade)
Granulated Sugar


If using pizza or bread dough break off pieces of dough. You can leave them as they are when you break them off or you can spread them a bit flatter (more like an elephant ear). 

Heat oil over med. high heat. Drop a small piece of dough in to oil to make sure it's ready. The dough should come right to the top and sizzle. Drop your pieces of dough in to the oil, browning on both sides. This is tricky because you don't want them burned but you want them cooked all the way through. This is where it can help to flatten them just slightly, but not much (I like them more fluffy and rounded than flat..crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside).
Remove from oil. Place on a plate with paper towels. You can either sprinkle with sugar or place on separate plates with bowls of sugar and jam for dipping. YUMMY!

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Sounds like heaven in my mouth.

  2. wow this looks like an interesting recipe to try out! thanks for sharing


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