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I have always loved to provide home cooked, nutritious  meals for my family and I can say that over the years my cooking has evolved as I become more aware of health and what is good for us and what is not. Sometimes though, in my learning of what is good for us, I become frustrated because our grocery budget does not make it easy or always possible to purchase things the way I'd like to. 

Several months ago, a friend of mine and her sweet hubby brought our family two bags of groceries from Fred Meyers. They just felt like blessing us and bless us they did. I had been going to Fred Meyers off and on to find organic produce on sale and maybe a few other items, but that was about it. Well, in the bag of groceries were some items with the label
Simple Truth. I had never heard of that brand and learned that it was fairly new. The next time I set off on my grocery shopping trip I purposely went through the aisles to check the prices of this brand. I was pleasantly and excitedly surprised. It was VERY reasonable. In my journey of grocery shopping over the last few months I had been pricing organic and natural products so that I could compare and price shop. Some places are just downright expensive. So far, these are some of the cheapest I've found and at a place where I can do a good amount of shopping. I typically shop at about 4 stores and that pushes the time limits I'm usually on. Thankfully they are all fairly close together. 

About a month ago, I received the opportunity from BzzAgent to sample two products from Simple Truth. I did not hesitate. Last week, on my way out to grocery shop I stopped by the mailbox and lo and behold there was my box of samples...AND COUPONS!!! SCORE!! The samples were for a Cucumber Melon Soda and a Health and Wellness Bar. The coupons were awesome too...I even reluctantly shared a few with friends. 
The soda was really, really good! I'm not a fan of sparkling water but this was amazing...of course it could be the high sugar was good and for a once in awhile beverage...worth it and better than drinking soda. The bar was good too though I usually find chocolate health bars way to sweet for me, but these were very tasty. 
I am now a fan of The Simple Truth brand. I am like many out there who live on a tight budget but want to have healthier options for their families. Check out what I came home with last week. Yep, I was happy! There are more things I want to try. Can't wait to go shopping next week! Some of my items were organic, some were not, but all were reasonable and well within my budget. I'm excited about the coupons I received as well.
 I do review for BzzAgent, but do not get paid to share my opinions.

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