Simple is sometimes best: Open Faced ACT Sandwich

Sometimes we over-complicate, what to have for lunch. Seriously! Well, maybe not quite so seriously, but sometimes simple is best. The other day I was looking at Instagram and Facebook and Sandy over at Reluctant Entertainer had posted a sandwich she was eating for lunch. It looked so good that I marched in to the kitchen to see what I had that could be made. I didn't have sad, but I did come up with this super simple, super fresh, super yummy open faced sandwich. I need to go grocery shopping so I used what ingredients I had on hand.

Ingredients: avocado, Daves Killer Bread, sliced tomato, sliced cukes, garlic salt, pepper

(sorry for the poor quality...again using my phone because camera was otherwise occupied)

Yummers! Toast the slice of bread, spread avocado on top, sprinkle with garlic salt, top with remaining veggies and then sprinkle with pepper. It truly hit the spot.

What would you add to this sandwich to make it tickle YOUR taste buds?

With Joy UNquenchable,


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