WOW! As I was browsing through my recent posts I realized the majority of them have simply been from my SRC contributions. Life has been busy and I guess I just haven't taken time to post anything else. Or maybe it's that I just don't know what to post about. I think I've said that before. Maybe I'm going through a "phase". I know every blogger does...right?..

The Pacific NW is finally experiencing "SuMmEr". YAY! It has been so wet and non-summer like that this change is gladly welcomed. After travelling to Las Vegas, I have a greater love and appreciation for our mild weather. While at times I wish it stayed warmer longer (but not much over 80..mid to upper 70's is more to my liking), rained a bit less,  and snowed just a little bit more, we have a great climate and I'll try hard not to complain, ever again....LOL.

Life has just been busy, as I know it probably has been for all of you out there. What's so funny is that "busy" means something different to each person and "busy" is ultimately something we choose so we have little room to complain. I would venture to guess that 9 times out of 10 we can control how busy we are. I don't mind being busy, but there are certainly times I just want to sit for a week (or longer...much longer) and do absolutely nothing. This is one of those times. I don't mind being busy as long as I have some down times and beginning June 17 up until July 7th it was non-stop busy, with Kait and I being "home" for only 3 days out of that entire time period. We had a bit of a break but played "catch-up" and then have been busy again the last week and a half. It's all good, it's been fun, but I feel like a break is coming on. 

I took Kait and a friend of hers to Las Vegas for 4 days in June. See this post. We had a great time and I'm so glad we went. It was quite the experience for these small town girls (a few times we broke out into Journey's "just a small town girl....."). We came home and two days later left for a tournament in the Seattle area for 4 days. Kristianna's soccer team won that tournament and it qualified them to play in the US Club National Soccer Tournament...IN CHICAGO! Ummmmm, this was NOT in the plans, so quick decisions had to be made. Who was going with her (me or hubby...decided on hubby), get tickets purchased, plans made, etc.. etc.. She is VERY excited and I know they'll have a great time. As soon as we returned from the Seattle tournament we had a day break (which wasn't really a break because we were going non-stop all day), we started our youth group's 4th of July fundraiser. For a week we spend from 8 in the morning till 10 or 11:00 at night selling fireworks, my days are spent at a cash register (and honestly I love it. I love interacting with the people in our community who come to buy fireworks, many several years in a row)...the kids hold signs on the side of the road, dance, sing and bring in the business. It's just a lot of fun...but boy is it tiring and I'm glad it's only once a year because not only am I doing that from 8:00-10:00/11:00, I'm having to keep our household running in some type of order..haha, lunches and snacks made for the day, laundry done if it's needed, etc.

Now we are in to a bit of a more relaxing stretch and I'm thankful. I love being busy with things, but I love being home more than anything. I've gotten completely off track with exercising and I'm beginning to feel it, and sadly look it. This morning is day 1 of getting myself back on track, both eating and exercising. 

It's time to start looking at school curriculum for my Nan, and make sure Kait is all set up for taking college classes this fall. I don't know about where you live but here in Washington State our Jr.'s and Sr.'s in HS are allowed to take college classes (the only cost to them is books and any extra fees), and possibly graduate with their diploma AND an Associates Degree. Kait is going to do that. It seems so weird to me. I'm sure we'll post more on that later. 

My garden is back on track, I hope. At least it looks like things are growing. I need to go out today and see if I can pick anything and also do some weeding. It doesn't take long for those weeds to grow. 

So there is life in a nutshell and I'm sure I left some things out. I will try to be more regular about posting, and also being a bit more consistent in what I post about. 

Have a great week everyone.

With Joy UNquenchable,


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