Planting My Garden

I planted my garden today last two Saturdays ago...much later than many other people, but at least I got it in. 

I love gardening, both vegetables and flowers. Last year I skipped the veggie garden because life was so busy and the weather didn't cooperate with the days I was home. I missed it.
I love gardening for several reasons. 

  • The sheer joy of working in the dirt, planting. 
  • Beautifying my yard with flowers and veggies.
  • Providing food for my family that grew in our own yard and that we know is good for us without added pesticides. 
  • Saving money on organic produce.
This year I decided I just HAD to plant my own garden again. We have been trying to buy organic whenever possible and I know that by planting our own garden I will get an abundance of organic produce hopefully freeing up some $$$ to spend on other least for a few months.
It did take me awhile to get a tiller to work the ground and once that was done we had a week of rain...SERIOUSLY?! Grrrr...but I finally got a break in the weather and enjoyed a good 3 hours of raking, planning, planting and praying! Praying the seeds would take, praying the critters that inhabit our property would stay away. Well, a week later, seeds are sprouting and the deer have helped themselves to some of my raspberry bushes...Grrrr...I always think they are cute until they start eating my stuff. I did make a homemade deer repellent and I'll let you know if it works. I also plan to buy some more marigolds to plant around the garden. 
I learned two things this year as I prepared, planned and purchased. I need to plan ahead and start least the prepare and plan and even purchase part. I think my options will be better and it'll go a bit smoother. I'd also like to do my own starts.
One thing that is important to me is growing a garden that is free of pesticides. For several years, I have incorporated the Companion Planting method. I really feel that it has worked for me and that the only thing that has damaged anything are the deer and I'm working on that. Yes, a fence would be ideal, but it is at the bottom of our financial priority list right now. There are many sites that talk about companion planting and I usually just google around till I find one that gives me the information I want. 

I also love raised dirt beds. Years ago I read a Martha Stewart Gardening book and fell in love with her French Intensive method, mounding the dirt into raised beds. I have used that method several times though it is time consuming in the beginning to get the beds prepared. In the past few years of gardening I just didn't have the time. I know I have a picture somewhere of one of my first gardens. I'll have to hunt it down and possibly post it. 
My dream garden would include raised beds with pea gravel paths and a beautiful fence surrounding it. For now I work with what I have and pray for a great outcome. 
This post has sat on my computer for over a week now without me finishing it....I have no clue what that says about anything..time, motivation, whatever. 
But since it's been that long, my garden is coming along nicely. I head out there every day to check on any new progress. I love seeing new sprouts springing through the soil...though not when those sprouts are weeds. Tomorrow is supposed to be rain free so hopefully I'll get to head out and do some weeding and a few other things. 
(Surrounding the garden are raspberry plants I got from my dad, also 5 blueberry bushes)

When I know how well my homemade deer repellent is working I'll post the recipe. 

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. How lovely for you! We only did a couple of raised beds this year since we had just moved. At least I can be prepared for next year. I hope you have good luck with your garden. There is truly nothing better than fresh goodness from your own back yard.


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