I love when the weather begins to warm up and I'm able to get out and work around the property. I love it when spring arrives and plants that have been dormant spring to life. 
We have not done much "landscaping" around our property because most of our money goes towards trying to get the rest of our house built. This is a sort of bittersweet thing to me because I really love plants and flowers and so, as I'm able, I'll purchase things here or there or better yet get starts from friends who are thinning out their gardens. I love that more than anything. Not simply because they're free, but because when I look at those plants I'm reminded of the one who gave them to me. I wish I would have gotten plants from my moms house before she passed away. That would have been wonderful. 
Just the other day a friend posted on Facebook that they had some decorative rock they wanted to get rid of...for FREE! I jumped on that offer because I have two spots where I had planted flowers and I have been wanting some rocks to line them. Nan and I went over the other day and retrieved what we could manage, and two young men from church were kind enough...and strong enough to get the remaining four. I'm so happy. I had almost enough to surround the beds, but enough to make it work. 
The next project is the garden and hopefully I'll be able to get it in soon. Our weather is so up and down and we're finally having a nice dry stretch so maybe that will help dry up the soil enough to work with. I'm also taking a drive to my dads hopefully next week to pick up some blueberry bushes he's giving me. 
This year I'm opting to purchase seeds and plants that are organic, which I know will cost a bit more but we are trying as much as possible to purchase things that are better for us and better for the environment.

What do you have growing in your yard?

Do you like to trade plants with friends and family?

I don't have much, but what I have I love! I am thankful for the beauty all around me.

This week we will be rototilling the garden and next week planting. I cannot wait!

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Its lovely to have a little yard and yours looks so precious. I'm stuck in an apartment for now but I hope to have a house with a little garden someday.

  2. Beautiful! Gardening is so fun!

  3. We have not purchased much i the yard this year, but we did make two trips back to Alabama to transplant things from our old yard to this new one! It was a lot of work but has been so worth it!

    I hope you are able to get your garden planted soon. We already have cucumber and tomato blooms. I am so excited!

  4. Thanks for stopping by ladies.

  5. Your yard is shaping up nicely! How wonderful that you got the decorative stone for free. We have so much shade in our yard that I only have a small plot...and it's full of herbs :)


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