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On Monday night we were invited to some friends house for dinner. I always ask if I can bring anything. To me it just seems the right thing to do. Yes, we were the invited guests, but I think it's always nice to offer, especially if it takes a load off of the hostess. So on this particular day I was asked to bring a salad.

Boy were we in for a treat when we arrived. We knew our friend was going to make lasagna. We also knew it wasn't your typical lasagna (which had us wondering what it could be). She called it lasagna bread! You could also call it Lasagna-Stuffed Bread because that was basically what it was. 

Here's the low down on how I think she did it. She told me briefly but didn't go into detail about it.

* she used homemade bread dough (she made two batches), you could buy frozen if you wanted to. She divided the dough to make individual loaves that were about 8" long and about 4-6" wide...really, whatever size you wanted to make them would be fine, I'm totally guessing at what size they were.

* once the dough is rolled out, cut slits on both sides, leaving a good couple inches in the middle for filling. You might actually want to roll the dough out bigger so that you have plenty to fold over. 

* layer "lasagna" down the middle of bread dough as you normally would in a pan...noodle (cooked), sauce (make sure sauce is thick so it doesn't spill out), filling (she used cottage cheese run through a food processor to make smooth and shredded parmesan cheese), mozzarella, more noodle, etc...

* once you have a decent amount in there..I'm guessing a 2-3 layers, fold over the slits to "braid" the bread...overlapping them as you go. brush with egg white and sprinkle with Italian seasoning and parmesan cheese.

* Bake until bread is cooked and filling is heated through and cheese is melted. I'm going to say 20-30 minutes probably on 350.

I realize I'm guessing on all of this but it was just so amazingly yummy I just had to share the idea. It was yummy, it was rustic and oh so satisfying. The other thing I loved was that she felt comfortable enough with us as friends to "experiment" on a recipe with us. I wouldn't do that with just anyone, but there are certain friends that you just can. 

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Oh my! Bread and lasagna, what more could you ask for?? Thanks for sharing!


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