Another Milestone

Our family has reached another milestone! Our oldest got her Drivers License. What is it that causes us great excitement at the idea of our children turning 16, getting their licenses and us, as parents not having to chauffeur them around as much, and then as soon as that license is in hand, we freeze and decide we're not ready for them to drive alone just yet? Please tell me I am not the only one who felt that way.

On Friday morning we headed in to the DMV to "apply" for her license or whatever they call giving them some information, handing them $20 and making an appointment for the test. We made our appointment for the following morning. Guess what I dreamt about that night? Yep...I dreamt that I was getting my drivers license and my brake pedal didn't work! Kat dreamt that I was being a total flake when we went to the DMV. Well, morning came and we headed out the door. We arrived at the DMV, parked in one of the designated parking spots (which is right in front of a big seating area...who was the bright person that thought of that), and I sat with her until it was time (we had gotten there early). 

What a strange thing to watch your child sit in the drivers seat, about to embark on the journey of further independence. I will admit I will miss our daily "practice" drives where we spent time driving and just talking. Off she went, confident that she remembered all she needed to know. 

I decided I'd call my grandma and talk to her for a bit while I waited. Twenty minutes later, Kat pulled back in..(am I the only one that isn't sure about the quickness of drivers tests). Anyways, she exits the car with a smile on her face...she passed. We head inside, give the gentleman our information and he says, "SS # please"...and I freeze....uh....oops, "I forgot to bring it, hold on while I call home". Hubby isn't home so I had to call our youngest daughter and tell her where to find her sisters number so I can give it to the guy. What seems like an eternity later, she reads it off to me. I smile and say "well, there was my flakey moment" and hand the guy the number. Then he asks for another $25...geez! Seriously?!! They take her picture and off we go, another licensed driver in the house.
We get home and the first thing they (Kat and Nan) want to do is go to pick up their grandma and take her to Walmart. That's where the "I'm not sure I'm ready for you to drive by yourself without me". I even considered following them (a friend jokingly suggested that to me). I let them go, leaving just a few minutes later because I needed to go to Walmart too! After they brought grandma back home they drove to Safeway to get a movie. My babies are growing up.

This morning on the way home from the gym I said to my hubby "take one guess what she's going to ask us this morning?" He said "can I drive to school?" And yep, that's what she asked. I didn't need the car (we only have two at the moment) so we said yes. She sent me a text when she arrived saying she had made it. It can be a bear getting out of the school area after school so I made sure I gave her plenty of instructions on being careful, taking her time and coming right home. 

So, this milestone has been reached. I have 3 years till the next one is ready for her license. Over the last several months I've thought alot about the fact that my girls are no longer little. As I watch all of the babies and little ones running around church I sometimes miss those days. Wondering through the bookstore looking at all the children's books, missing reading to my girls. I thought for the first time how fun it will be to be a grandma (okay, I know, I'm jumping the gun, and my girls looked at me like I'd lost my mind when I started talking about buying books for my grandkids someday). But when they start reaching milestones, you begin to miss the things you did when they were little, even though those things have been replaced with other things, it's just not the same. 

My mom started buying Happy Meals from McDonalds when my sister and I were still in High School...we thought she was nuts...I might have just entered the "nuts" category!

Where does the time go? A friend of mine shared a post on her blog called 18 summers, and how we only have 18 summers with our kids before they are ready to be on their own. Wow, 18 summers sure puts time in perspective!

I have enjoyed all the years of my children's growth. I can't say that I have an age I could I. There was something to love about every age. I look forward to so many more!

Okay, enough sappiness. I'm going to go prep dinner. 

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. What a beautiful daughter you have!

  2. Aww.. what a sweet post. 18 summers sure puts things in perspective.


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