Fun Craft idea:Melting Crayons on Canvas

My girls have been making some Christmas gifts for friends. I wanted to share the idea they found on Pinterest. It's all over the internet but somehow I never saw it.

I googled melting crayons on canvas and was amazed at what I came up with. Here are some of those search results:

unsimple living
Crayon wishes and popsicle Dreams
You Tube Video

What a super cool idea. My girls decided to make these for friends on a smaller scale. We had to experiment with the placement of the crayons (I had an old piece of canvas) since we weren't using larger canvas and we wanted to make sure the crayons "ran" enough.
Needed Items:

  • Crayola Crayons
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks or double sided tape
  • Canvas
  • Hair Dryer


1. Use the hot glue to stick the crayons to the canvas. Some people used double sided tape as well. You can either leave the wrapper on the crayons or take it off. **NOTE: Only use Crayola Crayons. We used Crayola and then a cheaper brand to get more of the same colors and the cheaper ones were watery and didn't melt as well.
2. Spread garbage sack on ground and along a hard surface. Prop the canvas up against firm surface. Using your blow dryer on low/hot setting, patiently "blow dry" the  crayons until they begin to melt. We found that starting about half-way down the crayon worked best. As it begins to drip you can blow dry the melted wax to move it around. It's okay if it seems to spread to areas you don't think you'll be fine. 

 3. When you feel like you've melted it enough let it dry. My girls used paper and typed out a phrase, then decopauged it to the canvas (they actually did this before they melted the crayons).

What a fun idea for your kids to do as gifts or for themselves. That last picture is very blurry for some strange reason.

With Joy UNquenchable,


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