S'mores go Gourmet

 A few weeks ago we had a bonfire. It was to be our last of the season. Kat usually organizes these get togethers and she is typically the one that delegates the food. We had everything from hot dogs, bean burgers, chips, salsa and of course S'mores, oh, and silly sisters!
One friend who is beautiful beyond words, let's just say that she makes '50 look REALLY good. She brought some amazing things for S'mores to change it up a bit. In her grouping of items were; Peanut butter cups, 2 musketeer bars (mini), ghirardelli dark choc. squares, raspberries and gourmet choc. chip cookies and giant marshmallows...there may have been a few more things as well but I don't remember. 
(this was a different bonfire we had mid-summer)
I first tried the giant marshmallow between two gourmet choc. chip cookies...YUM! Then I took a bite of someone elses graham cracker, dark chocolate, marshmallow and raspberry s'more and oh boy! YUMMY!

Yesterday when I went grocery shopping I bought the items needed to re-create this decadent snack. Thankfully they were items I would use anyways because I kind of chuckled at myself for buying items just so I could take a picture and blog about it. I was really hoping raspberries weren't expensive. Costco didn't disappoint me, and I needed them anyway for a peach/raspberry pie I'm making this weekend.

Before we get to that yummy gooey s'more, I was so excited at Costco yesterday when one of the workers came up and asked to scan my card. I thought "what, did I win money, a gift card, a vacation, free groceries". Nope! I won the opportunity to have my groceries "pre-scanned" so they were ready to go when I got to the checkout (because I had 10 or less items), boxed, with a bright pink laminated card that said "pre-scanned" so all I had to do was hand the clerk my money. She scanned my card, saw that my items had already been entered, told me the amount (which I already knew because the gal with the scanner gun already told me), I handed her my money and out the door I went. I never had to take them out of the cart. Great idea Costco!
Okay, so my yummy S'more? Simple.....
  • graham cracker
  • marshmallow
  • dark chocolate square/you could use nutella too..
  • a few fresh raspberries
Roast your marshmallow...I didn't have a fire going yesterday so I used our grill. Top cracker with chocolate, marshmallow and raspberries. Perfection!
My friend Sandy did a post not long ago on a variety of S'more recipes she found. Check it out, there are some amazing ones out there. I'm off now to make some yummy homemade frozen burritos.

They are a perfect snack or quick meal!

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Hi Kirstin! I love all the great pics on your blog! ...and the raspberries on the smores - wow! what a great touch!
    You left a note on my blog about the zucchinis and putting them in the oven. Just so you know - I put them in the oven to dry them out a little bit. You can also put them on the counter (with some paper towels under them) for 6 - 8 hours and get a similar effect. Or, if you guys have a dehydrator that works, too (I don't have a dehydrator, so using my oven is my substitute - - that's why it's on such a low heat for such a long time).
    I notice that I prefer the little bit of texture - as opposed to the (sometimes) mushiness of the raw zucchini on it's own.
    Happy Eating!
    Stop by any time!!!
    Carla :)
    Mrs. NoNo Knows


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