An Experience to Remember

 It's not often that you get the honor and privilege to watch a US National Sports team play in person. It's not even often for us personally to see a Professional or semi-pro team in person.
Last night, we had the privilege of taking Nan's soccer team to watch the US National Women's Soccer team play against Canada at Jeld Wen Field in Portland. What an awesome experience for these girls. They were decked out in their orange jerseys and thanks to a friend of ours who arrived at the park at 1:00 we were first in line and got a front row seat just to the left of the goal box. The girls even made it on the news as the camera panned the cheering crowd. What a treat for Nan to see her team on the 11:00 news and apparently on ESPN and on this youtube video.
Talk about an awesome game. Nan talked me into bringing my camera which she had the entire game. She even got a few great shots. I'm so glad we took the opportunity to take these girls. They saw some amazing teamwork and they bonded as a team. There were 18,000+ fans in that stadium and just listening to the cheers (cheers that the Timbers fans usually cheer except the words "U.S." were inserted where "timbers" usually are said). The girls were so excited when the US scored their first goal they ran right towards where they were sitting, looking right into the stands...the girls jumped up and down, cheering like crazy.
We got in just as the gates opened (we were up front), the girls RAN to save seats (we were saving 35 seats), then once everyone was settled and they were buddied up they headed out to buy food and then come back and watch the US team warm up (and they warmed up on the side that we were sitting on). 
As much as I HATE the prices that stadiums charge for food, I was kind of excited to have something fun to eat. A friend of ours suggested I go to the Verde Taqueria Cart and get the verde chicken tacos. Off I went in search of the Cart. It ended up being at the complete opposite end of the stadium. Oh man, it was well worth the walk. Three mid-size flour tortillas filled with shredded seasoned chicken with I guess a verde sauce, black beans, spanish rice and fresh cilantro. I topped mine with a bit of sour cream. I think I could've eaten two servings (6 tacos). As I walked back with my plate I remember thinking "I need to take a picture of this and post it on FB". I was half way through the last taco before I realized I never did that. I think I may try to copy this recipe.

With Joy UNquenchable,


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