Exciting Give-Away at RE

What would you do with a 7-qt. stand  mixer? I can think of A LOT of things I would do with it. Just think of the cookies, brownies, breads, pies, cakes....in MASS quantities! Maybe no more spilling over the sides because the bowl just wasn't quite big enough.
It would become a companion to my current 5-qt. KitchenAid mixer, because while I've had my mixer for at least 12 years...quite possibly longer, it is still in working condition and oh my goodness, what you could do with TWO mixers.
Sandy, over at Reluctant Entertainer, along with KitchenAid and USA Today's new publication, "Your Life", is giving away a BRAND NEW just released (or soon to be released), 7-Qt Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Oh, how I would love to win that baby.I might even buy the ice cream maker attachment if I won this one!
Wowsa! I thought about this mixer today as I whipped up some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and some Nutty-Seedy Pumpkin bread. I wondered what color it would be. I imagined making lots and lots of Christmas goodies!
Sigh....I think I might even dream about it tonight. I am a girl who does not mind receiving appliances, cookware, kitchen gadgets, etc..for gifts. I remember when we first got married my MIL told my husband "do not get your wife appliances or cookware for gifts"...I was like "WHAT? Go for it...get me all the appliances, cookware, lawn tools you want!"  

If you want a chance to enter to win this awesome product, head over to Sandy's amazing blog, enter to win and take time to peruse her site! You'll become a regular reader if you do. 

With Joy UNquenchable,


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