Sweet Shot Tuesday

 One thing I appreciate about my oldest Kat is that she is stunning and beautiful but doesn't "know" it...I mean she knows it, but she really doesn't think about it. Yesterday she and her friend Taylor went and had a "photoshoot". They took my camera whom they've affectionately named Nickee (because it's a Nikon), and Taylor took pics of Kat! She did a great job. Here's just one two of my many faves! I loved them all.
I'm linking this to Sweet Shot Tuesday!

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Beautiful girl - love the second shot.

  2. I have always thought she is absolutely gorgeous!!! Such beautiful pictures!

    Your girls are inspiring to me!!

    Also, on a different note, expect something in the mail from me soon! I think you'll know when you see what it is its from me!


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