Sweet Shot Tuesday

 I hope to share a post on our trip to the fair soon, but really wanted to share this picture that just by chance turned out really cool. 
It was at the end of the evening and so had gotten dark. I really wasn't sure what settings on the camera to play with under these particular circumstances, so I just used a few of the "scene" settings and "P" on my Nikon D7000. The girls were on the ride and hubby would say "they're coming now..." and I would try to catch them, because honestly I couldn't tell who was who in which car. When I loaded them on the computer I was so thrilled with how this one looked, especially for being totally un-planned and on accident.

I wished I had more time to just go slow and play with settings on the camera...the fair has so many opportunities for awesome shots..I think I'd need to go alone though (C:

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With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I love how you captured the motion...and all that color!

  2. Love the motion and their expressions! Great photo!

  3. Wow wow wow! I tried to get a pic of my daughter on a carousel last week, and failed dismally, and that was during a bright day. It's amazing you managed to get this at night!

  4. Cool picture! The happiness is shining through.

  5. Uh, wow. This is a happy "accident". I'd have thought you were in the moving ride with them to get it. I've only happened upon such a cool stop action focus once (and it was by absolute luck). BRAVO, this is awesome.

  6. That is so cool! What an awesome motion shot. Glad you had fun at the fair!

  7. You captured a great moment!
    Deffinetly take the time sometime to learn about aperture, shutter speed, iso, w/b, metering ect. so you can use you camera in M. It will open up a whole new world for you as a photographer.
    God bless

  8. Awesome shot! I swear it makes me dizzy just looking at it...I can't do anything that goes round n'round! I don't know how to do half of what my camera is capable of (or my sewing machine, but that's a completely different story)

  9. Wow! You did get a good shot! (And it does look similar to the one you commented on over at my blog, Kati's Little Corner.


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