Meeting Bloggy friends is.....FUN!

I have never been to a blog conference....though I'd like to go...and will accept sponsorships....Just I've never had the opportunity to meet fellow bloggers as often as others have. And I'll admit, sometimes I'm envious. However, in the last few years, I have had the opportunity to meet a few bloggers when they just so happened to be in my neck of the woods.
 (Debbie and I)
I've met Sarah from I'm Raising World Changers .We met via our blogs after she read a post I did on parenting and we realized we were attending the same leadership conference in Redding, California and decided we had to meet. She is super sweet! Her blog is awesome, you should go check it out.

I had the opportunity to meet Sandy from Reluctant Entertainer, when her daughter was playing soccer 30 minutes from my home. I was in her neck of the woods a few years ago, but her daughter was sick so we couldn't meet up.  She is so sweet and down to earth!

Today, I got to meet Debbie, from Real World Martha. She and her family are from Arizona (though her hubby is from Southern Oregon and she went to school in Portland) and they are up in this area on vacation. They were on their way North and had to drive right "OvEr" my town so we worked it so we could meet up. We met at our local Burgerville restaurant and visited for about a half an hour before I had to pick up Kat from Drivers Ed. She (Debbie) is super sweet, as is her family. Her boys are very handsome young men!!!! The first time I commented on her blog I thought her name was "Martha"! So funny! Oh, and they brought me some yummy looking salsa. I can't wait to try it! *Added note: Kat was eating a quesadilla for lunch so we tried's yummy!
I love the opportunity to meet up with fellow bloggers. The one thing I've always failed to do however is get a picture. I mean, come on...who blogs and doesn't get a picture when they meet fellow bloggers? Apparently the answer to that question is.....ME! Not this time. I made sure I grabbed my camera before heading out the door. Debbie's sweet hubby took my ginormous camera and got a picture of us. After we parted, I thought "I should have had him take a head shot of us", but, oh least I got one!

I look forward to other opportunities to meet other bloggers! 

Who have you had the privilege of meeting?


With Joy UNquenchable,


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