Ready for Summer

 I am so ready for summer in the NW. In our area of Washington we have seen more rain then I care for. In March we had 28 days of measurable rain...YUCK!! Today and this weekend the weather is supposed to be more "summer-like".
My grill parts that were ordered last week should be here...NEXT WEEK! Oh least they'll be here soon enough. I cannot wait to do more grilling!!

Tomorrow I plan to spend time outside spraying weeds and planting some dahlia tubers.

(3 planters scored at garage sale..I think they're cool looking)
Today Nan's soccer team had the first day of their garage sale, and guess what? I scored some treasures. Yep...I came home with 6 tiki torches and 3 medium size planters. The torches are older but that's okay, they'll still work. The planters are made of that light weight material but look like concrete.
 (I've always wanted Tiki torches....Kat was the one that said we needed to buy them)
My first thought was....."I don't really want to spend money at this sale, I have other things I need to buy", but the prices were so great and my brain went into summer entertaining mode and I thought..."I've been wanting tiki torches so why not pick up 6 for $2 to have for awhile, and I always need pots and these are neat and only $1 each." So I scooped them up. I don't know when I'll have extra money to fill them, but at least I have them.
 (Prophetic art...not the prettiest, but found a spot to shine it's light to those who enter)
I also found a place for a painted canvas that has been sitting on my living room floor for weeks. Last year at our Generation Conference we did a "Prophetic" art workshop. Kids got to paint on a portion of canvas for a few minutes before it was someone elses turn to paint on the canvas. This one had a portion of what Kat did and then some others. I brought it home when we were cleaning things out at the church because I didn't know if she wanted it. Well, it's been sitting on the floor so today I took it outside and decided to hang in our pump house bathroom. I got the idea from Sandy @ Reluctant Entertainer who shared that she hangs her kids artwork in their outdoor bathroom. I couldn't find the exact post, but I thought it was an awesome idea. I have a plan to someday paint the bathroom floor in our pump house a different color and put up a shower curtain for the shower that's in there..the floor looks pretty dirty from all the work we've done on the property, but that should probably wait till we're all done because I know over the next few years of completing building of the house and any yard work, it will just get dirty again. But for now I will liven up the walls.
 (this barrel was in the front of the house filled with old dirt and collecting water, I had to shovel almost all of the wet dirt out before we could tip it to empty it, and then carefully carry it to the's now waiting to be filled)

So...this weather is kickin' me in gear for summer and ideas are flooding through this brain of mine. 

How about you? When the weather gets nice does your brain go into overdrive with ideas? I'd love to hear of some projects you might have going.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Oh how I wish we had some of your rain! After all of March and April filled with it, we are now on week three without a drop (none in the 10-day forecast) and 100 degree temps! I am counting down to winter!!!

    Seriously, warmer temps bring out the ideas. I pour of books and mags and then pick one big thing to do to my yard. This year we have gone a little decorative with the veggie and fruit gardens ... trellises, adding perinnial flowers, etc... Of course it is not quite yet in full bloom, but it is looking pretty.

    Looking forward to seeing what all you do this summer! Happy grilling!

  2. I hear you on the rain frustration. It rained most of March and the first half of April here as well. I've never had a grill, but I'd really love one, and the summer weather has really made me think about getting one.

  3. my husband lived in Washington for 2 years and i have heard stories on the amount of rain you guys get! crazy! thanks for your comment on my blog! I love making new blog friends! i am your newest follower and would love it if you would follow my blog too! Thanks!

  4. I am still waiting for summer .. hope i feel some before it's fall again :)


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