An Open Door, and An Open Fridge...

Growing up, our home was one where friends liked to gather. My mom never minded people just stopping by, friends coming in and enjoying whatever food we had available (I think they loved it more when my mom had freshly baked something). She had an open door policy. Our home seemed to be a gathering place for neighbor kids. I loved it.

Before we moved to our current home, we lived in a neighborhood, and often had the girls' friends who lived in the neighborhood over playing in the yard. I knew that's how I wanted it to be.

Now my girls are older and I love when their friends come over. Last night Kat invited some friends over after our Friday night worship to watch a movie. I had popcorn ready to make. I laughed as they all entered the house, came to kitchen and one said "I'm here to taste some of Kirstin's amazing homemadeness"...I had no clue what he was talking about..I was only making popcorn. Kat came running in saying she told him he could have one of our homemade burritos (which happened to be the last one). That started the ball rolling. Next thing I knew they were heating up the leftover veggie chili, dipping chips in it, talking, laughing about meat and almond milk (one friend is the son of a local dairy farmer)..the really funny thing is 3 of the guys who were over are well over 6' and big boys (not "fat", but certainly not "skinny"), so here we are 8-10 people crammed in my narrow kitchen space eating food while I attempted to make popcorn and smoothies...and I LOVED IT! Hubby came in and said "why are they eating all our food?" I laughed and said "welcome to having teenagers over". Now, I didn't at all feel like they were begin disrespectful. If something couldn't be eaten I would've told them.

They all went into the living room to watch August Rush. I cleaned up, and went and relaxed upstairs on the bed while icing my hip (I've been fighting with some bursitis in it for awhile). I truly love having an open door and an open fridge. Yes, sometimes there's not much in the fridge (okay, usually), but I don't want that to stop me from providing something for the kids, and if they happen to chow down the leftovers, oh well! 

Tonight we are having another group of friends over (many the same as last night) over for lawn games and a bonfire. How fun that will be!!! The girls have divvy'd out what people will bring. I love having people over. I Love hosting. We have a busy day with mowing the lawn and field, cleaning house and I need to make my Peanut Butter Pound Cake for a baby shower tomorrow.

I wish I had taken some pictures last night, but, well, I didn't..maybe tonight.

What about you. Do you have an open door-open fridge home? What kinds of things do you serve teens that come calling?
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. My grandparents lived an hour from us growing up, but I remember every time we were visiting, without fail, someone was always dropping in. And there was ALWAYS food for their mouths. At home, my mom was the one feeding the neighborhood kids, and I can see it already.....once my kids are in school, ours will be the house where everyone congregates for "real" food and a sense of family and home. It's amazing (and sad) how many kids don't have that. Those teenagers raiding your fridge may not remember what they ate, but when they're adults with kids of their own, they'll have fond memories of your kitchen and home.

  2. This is my goal in life!! I want my house to be the house where everyone loves to come!! i am not a great cook, but I do offer anything I have!
    I am constantly looking for ways to be more hospitable.
    I love the mom you are! Your girls are so blessed to grow up in a loving, intentional home!!


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