Getting the Grill Ready!

 My grill parts arrived last week and it was up to me to see that it got put back together, so on Monday I decided to tackle the job. Yes, my hubby could have done it or even my father in law, but they were busy and I wanted to tackle it! It was satisfying.
I  really do take care of my grill. It's always under our porch, always under the grill cover it came with, though it now has holes in it and has endured harsh weather at times. While I take care of our grill, it seems that every 3 years everything decides to rust over and die! Thankfully everytime I've replaced it (this is the 2nd time) they've said it was under I replaced $250-$300 worth of parts for $8.95 shipping!
Monday I broke out the parts, set up some music on my computer on the porch (cuz you just never know how long something like this is going to take and everything is better with music), did some research online to find out how exactly to disassemble and reassemble the burner brace and burners (don't ya just LUV technology). Then I set to work. 
Everything was so rusted that it kind of just "FeLl ApArT". Once disconnected from the burner brace, the burners just pull off the burner tubes. After disassembling I took time to clean it out, which consisted of just scraping the sides and all the "loose" particles of stuff that was lying around down there. I cleaned and sprayed off the pan that catches all the falling food. 
Then came the time to reassemble...I made sure to look and remember how the previous burner brace was installed and just did the same. I think when they created these things they figured that the people who had to put the cotter pin through the burner on the burner brace would have teeny tiny fingers! I mean REALLY? There is a portion of the burner that fits through a hole in the brace and then you place a cotter pin through that section of the burner to hold it in place. So there I am trying to feel for the hole and get the pin in all while NOT being able to see because the space is so small. FINALLY got all three in. 
(the grids "before" sad to see them become discolored)
I then placed the flame tamers and cooking grids on and we were set to grill. All I needed to do was "season" the grill. I was out of time on Monday so on Tuesday while I got dinner ready (recipe coming next week) I "seasoned" it. I rubbed canola oil on the grids and flame tamers and turned the grill on high for 15 minutes. I did this 3 times. 

Last night I was so excited to use it. I made Greek Chicken sandwiches with a yummy cucumber salad (recipe next week). There's just something about grilling. I love being outside, smelling the grilling food, wondering if my grilled food smells as good as everyone elses does when I drive by their houses.
Now let's see if I can make this puppy last another 3-4 years. I was informed that they no longer make my grill (we've had it since 2003) and so we'll need to be in the market for a new one after these parts die since they're not easy to come by.

I am even more excited for summer now that the grill is ready. I'm even going to break out the cedar planks my friend gave me last year.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Ugh, we need to do this too!

  2. We have been there, done that, too...btw, your lasagna looks DIVINE! Love to YOU!



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