A New Crockpot....a real blessing

I've had the same crockpot for I don't know how many years, and I think it's dying. A few months ago I put a roast in to cook and when I went to take it out to eat, it wasn't done, it wasn't even really "hot". (Above pic is NOT my old crockpot!)

I've had my eye on the ones that have the locking lid because I love the idea of being able to take my crockpot places without having things spill everywhere! Buying a new one was not on the agenda anytime soon.

Last Friday my family and I were at a friends house who had recently gotten married. I was admiring her new crockpot...one with the locking lid..and we discussed the perks of this cool feature as well as other fun things, like where they went on their honeymoon. She was sharing that they had gotten 3 crockpots for their wedding.We talked crockpots a bit more, ate brunch, visited more and then we all went on our way.
A few hours later she sent me a text asking if I was home. A little while later, she and her sweet hubby showed up on my doorstep with a box containing a crockpot. They had decided to give me one of theirs instead of exchanging it for something else. They said I could exchange it for one with a locking lid if I wanted. 
Yesterday I headed into town and found one exactly like the one they gave me, but with...you guessed it...a locking lid. So excited!! I only had to pay $10 more. I love the features on it. I manually programmed it to cook 5 1/2 hours. After that time was up it switches itself into "warm" mode. How awesome is that. How many times have you made something in the crockpot and panicked when you were over due getting home to turn it off. You can also just set it to high or low if you're going to be home all day. LoVe It!

The funny thing is, on Thursday I went to the store and bought a whole chicken to roast. I had planned to do it in the oven on Friday but when I discovered no one would really be home for dinner I scrapped that idea and decided to save it for Sunday. The only problem was cooking it while I was at church. I didn't trust my crockpot and really didn't want to put it in the oven (I don't have a roaster for the oven). Well, thanks to my friends....I have it cooking in my new crockpot! 

 (Pre-cooked & Post-cooked meal....turned out amazing!)
Thank you Jesus for knowing my need and my desire and bringing great friends to fulfill it. He's a good Daddy and He KNOWS us, and He LOVES to surprise us with gifts.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Thats so awesome!!! What a blessing!!

  2. WOW! I got teary-eyed. GOD is good! What would we do without our crockpots?? Thank you for your comment. I would LOVE to have you come to a class sometime! That would be such a treat to meet you. Happy crockpotting! XO

  3. that is so sweet :) and what a blessing. reading your post reminded me to put my chix in the cockpot for chix and biscuits tonight :) :)

  4. Crockpots are a true blessing! They have saved us many a night eating out while we follow the kiddos from practice and games. Your friends are just too sweet. I know that makes the crockpot seem even more special.


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