Successful Weekend

(My house was chaos, but honestly, I didn't care. The girls had fun and that was what counted)
  I shared in this post about the crazy weekend that was coming up due to my hubby needing to go out of town last minute and a birthday party and 2 soccer games on the calendar for Nan. I was on my own. Kat was at a conference Saturday and spending the afternoon with a friend on Sunday, so I wouldn't have her help. Because I went with the flow, decided not to stress or expect perfection and prepped ahead of time it all went well. Nan is an amazing helper.  She helped me clean on Friday, and get things organized for the party on Saturday.
We decided to skip the "personal" pizzas, and just make 3 large ones. She and I prepared them Saturday morning and put them in the fridge. Personal pizzas would have been fun, but the girls weren't showing up at the same time and my oven wasn't big enough to cook them all. This worked out best. A friend of ours made the desserts...a peanut butter pie and a fruit pie. I decided to keep things very simple. 
We dropped hubby off at the airport and then headed to her soccer game. We returned home from the game at 4:15 and because we had prepped everything ahead of time, we didn't have a lot to do but wait for guests to arrive at 5:00. 
It was a fun, loud, crazy evening, but the pizza was eaten, Minute to Win It games were played (this is such a great way to entertain guests..adults or kids...we played 8 different ones that we found on the NBC website),  fun was had by all. She was a blessed girl.
Yesterday we traveled 2 1/2 hours for a soccer game...that was tiring. By the time we all arrived back home at 8:00 (Nan and I from game, Kat from a friends house) we decided to forget cleaning the house and just relax. Sometimes cleaning can wait. Sometimes you just need to take a breath and hang. 
Today is my little girls actual Birthday. She has brought us tremendous joy these last 12 years. She lives up to her middle name. 
Stay tuned later for a recipe for Spinach-Pesto lasagna that I made on Friday. It was yummy, different and light.
With Joy UNquenchable,


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