Second Giveaway item received....Red Letter Words

 I had something else I was going to post on today, but then when I came home from the mall I found a large box sitting on a chair outside on the back porch....again, the giddy feeling came over me and I just KNEW what was inside of it....
I was right. When I entered this contest, I actually won it. I received my beautiful apron from the Hip Hostess last week, and today received my beautiful 12 x 12 gallery wrapped canvas from Red Letter Words.
 I haven't quite decided where it will go, but I love it. It's beautiful and since I love being hospitable it fits me to a tee.

Yesterday we had a young couple up for lunch after church. I provided yummy chili, cornbread and juice, and she brought some "to die for" sauteed green beans with seasoned slivered almonds on top, and chocolate covered strawberries. Talk about a delicious and satisfying meal. The conversation was shared over watching college basketball and figuring out how groupon works. We actually had to leave at 4:00 for a soccer game. This amazing couple are going to school at our church and so we told them they were more than welcome to hang at our house until class started (they live about 20 minutes away so it would have been a waste for them to go home). We told them to help themselves to leftovers, relax, watch a movie, whatever, just make themselves at home. 

When we left I had kind of straightened up the kitchen. I had simply put food back in the fridge, but other than that had left the dishes in the sink and glasses on the table (Kat had put several dishes in the dishwasher before we left). I didn't want to waste time doing that instead of visiting with our friends. Especially when we had to leave for a game.

Hubby and I took Kat to her game and then afterwards out to eat at Red Robin. This game wasn't only her last game of the winter season, but her last game as a player on this team. She made the choice to not try out again in May. I'll post on that later.
 By the time we got home at 9:00 I knew I would have to finish cleaning up from our lunch. When I walked in the door I noticed all the glasses were no longer on the table. When I walked in the kitchen I noticed that they had also washed the dishes in the sink and put others in the dishwasher. Now, I didn't expect them to do anything, but can I tell you that it was a nice blessing to walk in and find that I didn't have to do anything but start the dishwasher.

It is not only the hosts that show hospitality but the guests can show it as well!

With Joy UNquenchable,


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