Part I Giveaway received

I thought I'd wait till I received all 3 items from the giveaway I won, and mentioned in this post, but I didn't want to wait. 

The other day we stopped at the mailbox to get the mail and in it was a package...Oh boy did I get excited!! However I couldn't open it until I got home!
 It was beautifully wrapped in lovely tissue paper.

 With this cute tag attached to it...
 And a sweet note from The Hip Hostess herself.
 I also picked up the apron my MIL made me from my mom's leftover fabric. I love it too (and it will keep me entirely covered while I cook....I tend to get messy when cooking). I love that it is a reminder of my mom and something she loved (cooking and crafting). 
I can't wait to use both of them! We are having company over this Sunday so I'm sure at least one will be put to good use.

With Joy UNquenchable,


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