I'm a Bridesmaid

Have you ever been a bridesmaid? When was the last time? The last time I was a bridesmaid was almost 20 years ago! My friend S who has been a friend of our families for several years, has been one my daughter's favorite "overnight" hanger-outer when hubby and I have gone out of town, and is just one of our favorite people, is getting married. AND she asked ME to be one of her bridesmaids. My first thought was, of course being honored that she asked. The second thought was "Seriously......I'm 42"...but here I am, a bridesmaid.
 Being a bridesmaid in 2011 is completely different than it was in the early 90's. It could be that I notice it more because there are only 2 of us and the other two weddings I was in, I wasn't the maid of honor and I lived quite a distance from the brides so it was harder to be as involved. But I still think it is very different. It's been fun though.
Sunday we threw a bridal shower for the bride to be with the ladies from church and the bride and grooms female family members. There were 79 ladies there. Our theme was dark chocolate. Oh my goodness...the smells emanating from the room were divine. 
 Last night we threw the bride to be a bachelorette party. The other bridesmaid is going to school in Nebraska so we had to get it all in while she's on spring break. We had it at her family's home, which is spacious and beautiful. We wanted to serve some of the bride to be's favorite foods instead of going out to eat somewhere, so we had a wonderful salad bar complete with a large variety of delicious toppings, whole grain bread and crackers with hummus. I picked up some sparkling Apple-Pomegranate juice (which is so yummy by the way). 
 For dessert we served sorbet (her favorite), in pretty little martini glasses that I picked up from Dollar Tree. I sent them home with her after the party. I know I could've bought plastic, but these were pretty, inexpensive and I knew she'd love adding them to her collection for entertaining.
We ended the evening playing wedding charades, reading a hilarious poem about panties and gave her a complete spa gift certificate. While I'm guessing I will never be a bridesmaid again, it was fun to be a part of these fun festivities.

With Joy UNquenchable,


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