A Homemade Gift....From Moms Fabric

 Yesterday was my sister's birthday. It was always easy to remember because it's on St. Patrick's Day. Our mom passed away 7 years ago and she loved crafts, scrapbooking, stamping and other odds and ends crafts. I ended up with quite a bit of her scraps of fabric and over the years haven't done much with it. 

 Last year I was thinking of trying to piece together some type of lap blankets for my sis and I, but, uh...I can't sew and I never got around to having someone help me. This year I had the idea of making aprons for the two of us out of the fabric. Again, I can't sew, but my mother-in-law can, and she's made aprons, so I enlisted her help. 
My mom and her mom hanging out in the kitchen at their home in Ohio!
My mom is from an Italian family and I just love all these old pictures!

Today, I drove up to my sister's little town to take her out to lunch and give her the gift. Mine (apron) is still at my mother-in-laws waiting on a clasp for the neck strap, or whatever it's called.
I wanted my sis and I to have something that we could both use and remember our mom by. An apron was perfect since we both love to cook and bake and so did our mom. Oh, and we are messy in the kitchen so really, an apron is vital!

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. How special! I love the pics of your Italian family....just priceless!

  2. That's beautiful.

    BTW I am saying hi from seeing your link on Sandra's blog.

  3. What an awesome gift! So cool!


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