Getting Ready for a Party....going with the flow!

Next Monday Nan turns 12! It's hard to believe my youngest is almost a teenager. Her birthday party is planned for this Saturday and a few plans have changed so we need to go with the flow. Has this ever happened to you? Were you/are you willing to go with the flow or did you/do you throw an adult sized tantrum?

Yesterday morning we woke up to a text saying my hubby's grandpa had passed away. He was 95 and lived an amazing and full life. Because of this, hubby and his parents are flying back to Indiana on Saturday morning/afternoon. Side note: it is so ridiculous that when you have to travel last minute because of death or whatever reason, the airlines charge you an arm and a leg. I mean, really? So anyways. Because of this...I now am taking Nan to her soccer game at 2 (which is 45 minutes away) instead of staying home to get ready for her party (which is at 5:00 and we won't get home till 4:00). It's okay though because I've already started thinking of a plan to accomplish it all and still be alive at the end...did I mention this is a slumber party and the next day after the girls leave we turn around and drive 2 1/2 hours for another soccer game...Yah! Good thing Kat's team has the weekend off.

My point is not to toot my horn, but to encourage you to be willing to go with the flow when things get a little crazy. Nan handled the news that daddy was going to have to miss her party and both soccer games so well. I'm proud of my growing girl. Is it always easy? No. Would it be tougher if I had more kids and worked outside the home? Possibly. But is it just as possible to go with the flow no matter what the situation? YOU BET!! My joy, rest and peace do not lie in the circumstances around me, but on the knowledge of who I am and the fact that I am one with Papa and therefore "no worries". I do have to remind myself of this often, and sometimes I totally forget...oops. But the fact doesn't change! My world doesn't need to be rocked by every twist and turn that happens.

I am shopping today for remaining gifts and party food. She requested personal pizza's (made by each girl), salad, chips, juice and muffins for breakfast. I haven't quite figured out if I want to make my own dough or buy it pre-made. I hope to get the house cleaned Friday and the food prepped in the morning on Saturday or even Friday. 

I'll keep you updated on how it all went. Oh and did you see the news segment about the mom who spent $32,000 on her daughters 6th birthday party? Ummm, seriously? My girls couldn't believe it. Neither could I!

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Hi Kirstin... I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's grandfather. We went through this last October when Ed's grandpa passed away. One thing that we didn't know about was that most airlines have a "bereavement fair". You have to let them know at the time of the flight that you are flying because of a funeral or other circumstances. They usually ask for the name of the funeral home doing the arrangements and other info. I didn't know this until we returned from our trip and because I was asking for the fare reduction after the fact, they asked for a copy of the death certificate. Unfortunately, we didn't receive the reduced fare because when we booked, even though we were choosing a Continental flight, we actually flew Delta (as they are owned by the same company). It was a huge mess. I would recommend going directly through the airline and not through a company like Expedia or Orbitz.

    Anyhow, hope your hubby has a safe trip... ~Amy

  2. I can relate with how quickly kids grow-up. It seems life a lifetime when they're little babies, but once they hit middle school time flys. The point about going with the flow is well taken, because even though things never go as expected, they always work out in the end, because because people like you are well intentioned, and in the end, its the thought that counts. That women spending of 30K misses the point entirely, however I'm sure she's trying to impress others, and not so much her child.


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