Experimenting with Kale

  I have never had Kale before but have always heard of its health benefits. I'm all for improving our health. Yesterday while grocery shopping I decided to buy a bunch and try it in some soup. Has anyone else noticed the price of produce going up? I sure did. I hit $60 and hadn't left the produce department! WOW!
So I came home and made this yummy veggie and bean soup and threw in some chopped Kale. Everyone enjoyed it.
 While I was making the soup, I decided to try making Kale Chips. I had found a recipe online and then a friend commented on my FB about them.
 They were really good and super easy. Hubby and Nan didn't care for them. She dramatically spit them out! All you do is cut the Kale off the stem, toss with olive oil and salt and bake at 350 degrees for about 7 minutes or until crisp!
 I saved enough to try in a smoothie sometime this week.

Kale will be a staple I purchase more often. What is a new vegetable you've tried recently?


  1. I haven't ever worked with Kale before, but I am growing swiss chard this year. We will see how that goes! LOL

    Did you ever get your publish buttons to work? I added the widget and haven't had any problems. You may need to add it again.


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