What's in your cooler

 We have just begun our busy winter/spring soccer schedule. Kat is playing in the OPL HS winter season, and Nan in the OPL U12 spring season, which means a total of four games a weekend (2 for each girl). This past weekend we had 5 games since Kat's team was finishing up a tournament from a few weeks ago.
Saturday we had 3 games; 10:00/12:30/5:00. Then Sunday we had 2 games; 1:30/3:00. We were far enough away from home that we wouldn't be going home between any games. It also meant my girls would be really hungry throughout the day and weekend from all the games they were playing. There are two obvious options...go out to eat, or pack a cooler. We almost always opt for the latter. Every now and then we'll go out to lunch or dinner, but I find we save more money if we pack our own cooler.
 The question is, what do you pack in your cooler, especially when you're feeding athletes? 
What I pack usually depends on what's in the house at the time. During summertime when we're at weekend tournaments a lot I specifically buy certain items to take with us.

I love to pack fruit, sandwich fixings, granola bars, string cheese, yogurt, crackers. This last weekend I made some chicken salad for sandwiches, as well as some PB & J and hubby and Kat requested veggie wraps for Sunday, but I also packed Kat a chicken salad sandwich for a bit more substance. I threw in some almonds and some breakfast cookies I made (recipe tomorrow). The cookies were filled with good for you ingredients. I wanted to fuel my family, not cause them to crash, or weigh them down. I use whole grain breads to give them good carbs and chicken or PB for protein. Sunday I also added some cucumbers and Nan wanted a whole wheat Bagel.
If we do go out to eat we choose places that have lots of options and we have the girls order dishes that will give them the energy and fuel their bodies need. 

Come back tomorrow for a great Breakfast Cookie recipe! You won't be disappointed. 

With Joy UNquenchable,


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