What do you do on a snowy (schizophrenic) weather day.....

We woke up this morning to everything covered in white. In the Northwest, you really never know what the weather is going to do, even despite what the weatherman says. We were so excited to see some of that beautiful "white stuff". Although the way the news went on and on and on, you would've thought we lived in the midwest having a horrible storm, when there was only about 2 1/2 inches...maybe 4" in some places. Really people? That is nothing, but any excuse to stay inside is a good one.
 Well, all the local schools were closed, the girls talked me into letting them only do two subjects and they headed out the door to play for a bit. The weather throughout the day has ranged from snow, to blue sky, to everything beginning to melt, to snowing again, to ice pellets, etc....etc...very weird weather we have here.

What did we do?
 Made a German Pancake (because my friend posted a picture of hers that she had just made and we thought it sounded good...and I happened to have 6 eggs left)
 Went outside in my workout shorts and snow boots to take pictures of the girls in the snow (like the hundreds I took while in Sunriver in December weren't enough)
 Walked up the road with ice pellets coming down in a t-shirt, sweats and snow boots to take pictures of a herd of elk in our neighbors pasture which the girls spied from the upstairs window. Do you see a trend in my clothing attire....wasn't real trendy today...like it ever is.
 Tried to work on a pile of stuff that has been needing attention, and make a grocery list (this is still not done).
 Decided to NOT go to soccer practice because we didn't want to mess with the weather.

Stayed inside, made tacos, hot chocolate and played Settlers of Catan with our friend Robbie. 

It was a great day!!!

With Joy UNquenchable,


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