Sweet Surprises....Perfect Timing

I love how Daddy God has such perfect timing. Especially when it comes to surprises in the mail.

Yesterday morning I had went to the dentist because for the last week I had been experiencing some pain by one of my top molars when I brushed and flossed. Even to the point of having headaches. It had started to snow that morning and the drive in ended up taking longer than expected because of an accident (I'm telling you, NW drivers typically do not know what to do when it snows). I finally made it to the dentist and ended up having a cavity filled. Because it was further back in my mouth, I had to open wider than usual and they had to fiddle with that filling to get it just right because of it's location.

My plan had been to go to Costco after the appointment, but I was so numb, I nixed that idea. My dentist is really great by the way, I just hate having my mouth worked on. The numbing started going away and the soreness/pain started setting in. I was hurting, mostly my jaw from having to keep my mouth open, but just that side overall.

Then Nan and I hear a honk outside and I thought it was my hubby. We headed out to see why in the world he was honking instead of coming in, and lo and behold it was the mail lady, handing me a package. 
 I hadn't ordered anything and it had my name on it. It was also from Anthropologie. I thought, "what in the world am I getting from there". I thought maybe I had won something from a giveaway I  might have entered. 
I opened it to find this wonderful note. The curiosity really got to me then. I looked a little higher and saw it was from my sweet friend Sarah. I had the privilege of meeting Sarah a few years back at a conference in California after we had found each other on our blogs because of a mutual interest. How fun it was to meet her. We have kept in blog and FB contact and hopefully one day will see each other again.
Nan and I opened the pretty packaging and inside I found these beautiful Pot Holders. I LOVE them! They are me! They are perfect Colors! Sarah is amazing!! I have now decided that in the next phase of our house, I want all these colors in there. They are fresh, they are calming, they are beautiful.
The gift came at the perfect time. I was tired, I was numb, I was sore, I was hungry!!! It picked me up!

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. You're so sweet!! Your gratefulness blesses me so much!! I'm so happy you love them :).


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