Story of the Pot Holders

 How many Pot Holders do you own? I, somehow in the last however many years have managed to only have TWO to my name. Not only did I only have two, but they were in very sad shape....and they didn't match. Why I didn't just go out and buy more is beyond me. 
On New Years Eve I brought a hot dish to my friend "J's" house. Two days later I realized I didn't have any pot holders...not a good thing when something needs to come out of the oven (dish towels work in an emergency). I sent a text to a different friend (whose house we were at on NY Day) only to find out that I hadn't brought them there. 

It might have taken a day or two to realize that I had left them at "J's". I sent a text to her asking if they were there. She replied that yes, they were and she had been wondering whose home they belonged to. I then told her that I would tell her to just toss them in the trash but they were the only two I owned. However, we never seemed to connect to get them back. In the meantime I found a Christmas one that my  MIL had gotten me.

On the night of the Freebie Jewelry Party, our friends had some kitchen items they were giving away and my friend "J" comes bouncing in the room waving a handful of potholder saying "look what I got for you!" 

I came home with 6 new potholders. They are not my color or style, but they're now mine and they will remind me of a beautiful lady who graced this world with her presence and changed so many lives.

Do you have something in your home that is a beautiful memory or tribute of someone you love?
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Someone gave us those exact potholders as a wedding gift!! They're not my style either but how funny!!! With all the cooking you do, I thought you'd have a ton!!

  2. It's so funny you bring this up!! Nick and I have the same problem, except that we have about 6 unmatched ones. I have no idea where they came from or where any of their counterparts are. It is time we just buy a new set, but whenever we are at BB&B, we always forget! Perhaps for our 10-year anniversary, we might remember...


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