Recipe Organizer

 I love Costco. Who doesn't? Several months ago I spied a cool recipe organizer there and fell in love. I had seen some really crafty ones on a variety of blogs but, well, I #1 lost the blog addresses so I didn't know where to look, and #2 I knew it would be forever before I got around to creating something so crafty. 
These, wonderful organizers from Costco looked perfect. They came and went and I hadn't bought one. They appeared again around Christmas and so I asked for one. Guess what? I got one!
I haven't used it yet. I need to be able to just sit and work on it sometime...maybe after taxes are done.
It comes with 8x10 pages to print my favorite full page recipes. also 4 x 6 cards. They come with page protectors, pages of helps, stickers and more.
I won't be re-printing any of the handwritten recipes that have been passed down from family members. Those are too precious to me.

I'm looking forward to getting my recipes organized finally. Right now they are in manila envelopes labeled with different categories. That's where the organization ends because they're just thrown in there, they fall out, get wrinkled, put in the wrong folder. Not ask organized as I'd like.
Organizing them in this new binder will also help me go through the recipes and weed out ones I'll probably never make, ones that aren't very healthy, and find some new ones.

With Joy UNquenchable,


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