Fresh Eggs and Honey

I've posted here and there about our journey to continued healthier eating (read here for starters). I've said how I make changes a little at a time either because of finances or just to help the family get used to changes, which really isn't that hard. 
 Just this week I bought my first 18 count eggs and pint of honey from friends of ours who have been selling these for a few years. Granted buying eggs and honey "fresh" are more expensive, but so much better for us because their chickens are not fed hormones and their honey is yummy and I know it's 100% honey from the hive!!
The eggs were so pretty. Multiple colors and sizes. Yesterday I hard boiled four of the eggs to have with salad. We could really tell a difference in the taste of these eggs compared to store bought. Their flavor was much richer, the color brighter. They were yummy!!! I could buy organic eggs and honey from the store (whole foods or somewhere else), but I want to support my friends who have amazing foods to offer. At Christmas I bought my sister a pound of Cold Creek Coffee (also owned by friends). She loved it. Supporting local producers and business owners is fun.
Making changes is possible. It's not always easy, but I often find something that I can cut out or replace with a healthier version. The next thing I'm working on is having even more colorful fruits and veggies available and eaten every day. I tend to forget eating veggies and fruits even though I love them. I get them at dinner but know I need them more often. I wish that they weren't quite so expensive (berries especially), and my goal is eventually to have our own little "garden" of berries. We fill our smoothies with fruit as well as spinach, cabbage, oatmeal and flax. 
What changes have you made toward healthier eating? I'd love to hear.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Ahh I'm so excited for you guys! you had no idea the big smile on my face when I read this! Its so awesome that you are discovering local and organic at the same time! I think sometimes eating local is healthier than buying mass-produced organic, though...
    Are you planning to start a garden? Definitely plant some raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Water them well; berry size is dependent mostly on water. It's so rewarding to eat out of your own garden, or from your friend's garden!

  2. I have some raspberries, however the deer destroyed them last year. They ate quite a bit of my garden too though I did get some produce out of it. I have about 7 blueberry bushes but I need to move them to a sunnier location. I want to get several other berries including strawberries but I have to figure out the deer solution first. We can't really afford a fence that would keep them out and so I don't want to spend too much money. For now I'll just get what's in season locally or from friends. I'm getting my eggs and honey from the Trembleys.

    It's a journey for sure. I wish our grocery budget was a little higher, but I just take it as I can and figure ways to get what I want.

    I did try the compost pile last year, but I'm not sure it was very successful. I'll keep at it though.

    Our neighbors always have an abundance of berries (blackberries) so we usually go pick some. YUMMY!!

  3. We have been steadily working on going more local and organic for a year of so now. It does take time, but I have found it so worth it. This is one reason that my hubby has taking to farming a little. We love our little chickens, and now have a couple of calves. Of course I am planning my garden for the summer now. Wanting the best for our children and family is such a great effort and what better place to start than with the things that help them grow and develop.


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