An Amazing Freebie Jewelry Party

 Last week I received a text that said....

"you, my dear are invited to a freebie jewelry party...As mom blessed us with a bounty of jewelry, we want to bless you....and get it outta here!"

It was sent by a friend who's mom had passed away back in November after a 10 year battle with cancer. She was an amazing woman who was a part of our church family for years as were/are her three amazing daughters. 

These girls had so much jewelry left after going through all of their mama's things and decided who better to share it with than those who loved her too.
Kat and I went together (there were a few other girls there her age). Can I just say that this is one of the coolest ideas I have ever heard of.

We all arrived and were invited to browse the jewelry that had been set up in a fun way. Then we were seated and given numbers. As your number was called you went up and were given 30 seconds to pick one piece of jewelry. During round two you were given 1 minute. On round 3 you could choose 2 items. This took awhile since there were 16 of us. After round three they did a fun game to win three jewelry boxes, then we enjoyed some delicious snacks. After that the jewelry was a free for all. We were able to just go through and pick what we wanted.
What an amazing time we had, laughing....hard, remembering an amazing lady, eating yummy food and just being together. Kat and I returned home with some fun jewelry that we will cherish more than anything. I absolutely LOVE rings and I found two pretty ones. I could care less at their monetary value (there probably isn't any), but that they belonged to an extraordinary woman and I will treasure them always. I also found some pretty earrings and a necklace.

I remember thinking back to her memorial service and how amazed I was at all she had accomplished in her life all while raising three girls. She gave of herself 110% to those around her and made their life exciting and interesting and fun. It was an honor to spend time with friends enjoying her memory. They also had some kitchen items out for us women to choose from. I came home with some pot holders (I'll save that story for another post).
I'll be sharing a recipe from the night tomorrow!! The above picture is of one of the rings I got. I totally love it!!

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Wow what a wonderful idea! How precious. Very thoughtful of her daughters to think of doing this. It sounds like their mother's love influenced them greatly! Wonderful idea.

  2. It is awesome that they decided to give Fran's treasured belongings to those she cared about. I was delighted reading your post because I know I would have enjoyed it, too!!
    On a side note, I have done something similar to this, just with clothes. Get a bunch of girls together and have a clothing exchange. Everyone brings their unwanted items and the swap is alot of fun! You get free stuff and you get to bless people at the same time :-)

  3. That is a great idea! Glad you had fun. One time, a friend's Mom had bought little surprise bags of cheap, costume jewelry and we had a blast going through all of it.


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