Book Review: Let's Do Lunch

 I recently read the book Let's Do Lunch by Roger Troy Wilson. There is also a website. In the book, Troy shares his story of going from 400+ pounds to a fit and healthy man. 
I found the book to be very practically written with many tips, recipes, and lists. The title is a bit deceptive because it does say "Eating all the Calories and Carbs you want to lose weight. However, he is not saying ALL carbs are free for the eating. He encourages the reader to avoid bread, rice, potatoe and pasta, exchanging them for "better for you carbs". I do believe that the whole premise of this book is the goal of losing weight and so avoiding certain food items will speed up the process, yet for me I had hoped that it shared how to incorporate those things we love (rice, pasta, bread) into a lifestyle that does promote weight loss.

For the person desiring to lose weight, this book is very easy to use in that the author gives a sample 14 day menu, lists of food items to have in your home (shopping list), how to order when eating out, recipes and a lot of encouragement. He answers a variety of questions throughout the book and shares testimonies from others. Keep in mind that this may not be for everyone, but it is a good starting point for someone who has no idea where to start out.

I enjoyed the book and plan to read it through a few more times to get more ideas to incorporate into daily life.

I received this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

With Joy UNquenchable,


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