2011 Goals

 I've been thinking off and on about goals. Yesterday, throughout the day, I wrote some things down that I'd like to see happen in 2011. Some of them are fun, some are practical (things that will make life run more smoothly if I can get a handle on them) all are within reach. To me, what's the point of a goal that is unattainable. I'm not setting time limits, just within this year.

I'll share them with you, in no particular order, but as they came to me. I will probably categorize them later.
  • Exercise 4-5 days a week...try to get in at least 20 minutes, shoot for 60. 
  • Keep up on filing...I seriously tend to let this go..and we have to save ALL our receipts. I'll leave it at that...I must get a handle on this.
  • Scan photos onto computer....I have so many photos and now have a scanner....I want to get them on my computer
  • Finish transferring videos to DVD's...I also have a contraption to transfer my videos onto DVD's..I started, now just need to finish.
  • Input recipes into new binder...I got a new, very cool recipe binder for Christmas. I want to use it!!!!!
  • Spend time with PAPA EVERY DAY...because I WANT to, not because I HAVE to!!...I don't want to do devotionals out of desperation, or out of duty, but because I want to spend time with my Daddy.
  • Garden plans..I have not been very focused in my gardening. I need to re-evaluate things and make them doable with our life at the moment. Summers are busy and we're gone a lot..thinking I need to scale down.
  • Take time to decorate the house so it feels more homey...because money tends to be tight, I rarely buy things for the house to make it homey and "lived in". I want to do better at this.
  • organize photos...on my computer...they are a bit chaotic and all over the place.
  • go through documents and organize...on my computer...PURGE!
  • Work on devotional book...Years ago, for a few years, I did an e-mail devotional. I loved doing it and people loved getting them. I always had a dream of putting it into book form, but never have. I'd like to get started on that.
  • Hike several of the waterfalls in the gorge...the Columbia River Gorge has beautiful falls..I want to hike some of them this summer.
  • Learn to use my camera better...continue learning to shoot manual
  • save for new camera...I really want a new camera, but really need to save for one.
  • learn something new...I tend to just stick with what I know. I want to learn something new.
  • read more...I love to read fiction because it's a no brainer, but I want to read more non-fiction books.
  • get some creativity mojo back...I feel as though I've been in a slump when it comes to creativity.
  • learn to doodle...I know...sounds silly...I used to love to doodle...I want to learn to doodle again.
  • Have a group of girls up periodically to cook...so many girls do not know how to cook.
  • Get more creative with my blog, make it more interesting, reader friendly, appealing....and I'm open to suggestions friends..nice ones of course.
  • Refinish desk that is really ugly at the moment. Potentially refinish dresser in master bedroom.
 Well, that's it for now. I'm sure more things will come up here and there.
 With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. This was really fun to read!! I would love your devotional, as I always got so much out of your P31 posts.
    I like your goals!! Attainable and yet thoughtful and will take intentional time to accomplish.

    I had never cooked a meal until after I got married; I would have benefitted from knowing you :). While I still don't like to cook, I can put together a meal.

    You're so great!!!


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