Sweet Shot Tuesday

 I thought I'd participate in Sweet Shot Tuesday this week. I took this picture a week ago when I was at the beach with my oldest daughter and her friends. We had a fun time down at the beach and the girls all wanted pictures taken.  I posted a few more pictures here of that day.
 While I didn't shoot on manual (because I'm not that good at it yet and it was windy, with the threat of rain...I didn't think anyone wanted to wait around for me to figure things out), so I shot on auto. What I like is that I got all the girls up in the air!!! 

I added this second picture because I just love it. My friend in the green had you face turned away from my daughter (who was staring right on her with a straight face), my friend turned quickly to face Kat with that look on her face and Kat just broke into a smile. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. These are both great photos but I LOVE the jumping shot!

  2. Love the jumping shot!

    And the expressions on the faces on the 2nd pic - adorable.

    ---visiting from Sweet Shot Tuesday

  3. I love them both!
    Great captures.

    I see from your profile that you also love to read Terri Blackstock books. She is an amazing writer!

  4. love the picture of all the girls jumping- that's a wonderful shot.

  5. I love jumping shots!! I want to try it with my kids, but they might still be a little young... maybe for next week's Sweet Shot!! :)


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