Playing with Black and White

 I am so happy to have my internet back at my house. I can curl up on my couch and post away, browse all the blogs I've missed out on the last few weeks, and just enjoy! 

I noticed earlier in the week Darcy did a post on B&W and had a link, so I thought I'd do a few pictures really quick (I have a b-day party to host in a few hours and Kat and I are going to exercise soon to her new Dancing with the Stars workout DVD). 

I should have "cleaned" the SOOC picture first (since others say they do this before converting), but I didn't have time. I played with two actions, and then tried doing it on my own. How fun. I've missed reading Darcy's blog. 

I'm sure I'll post on the B-day party later. It's a strange day actually. One of my dear friends mom passed away earlier in the week after a 6+ year fight with cancer. The service is tonight at 5:00. Kat and I adjusted her birthday party so it wouldn't interfere with the service (since the entire family including the woman who passed away are good friends and part of our church). Kat had no problem shifting the time and today was the only day we could do her party so we went with the flow.

Okay, enjoy the pics.
 Action: BW Beauty from Pioneer Woman
Action: PW B&W (a little sharper and darker), I did adjust the edge burn because it was so dark
Action: Me, Myself & I. I just went in and started adjusting things. Not too bad. The picture wasn't the clearest to begin with. I think I'll keep playing with others.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Good job : ) I think Me, Myself and I is very cool! You are so smart! Way to go!


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