Being Flexible and a fun birthday!

On November 12, my Kat turned does time go by fast. We had planned her party for Saturday the 20th since that was really the only time we could do it. Unfortunately the Monday prior to party day the mom of a good friend passed away after a long battle with cancer. I told Kat that it was very possible that the memorial service would be Saturday and since we wouldn't miss it she would need to be prepared to be flexible with her party, more than likely just changing the time. In her amazing way she totally agreed. This was a woman we all loved dearly and she was also the grandma of one of Kat's friends.
The service was scheduled for 5:00 on Saturday evening so we adjusted accordingly. When Kat has a party, the girl really likes to party, so it was scheduled for 1:00-4:00 then we all actually went down to the Memorial service and afterwards came back to our house to watch a movie. It turned out to be a wonderful day and evening. 
Kat requested pizza. I made a BBQ chicken pizza (half with just chicken and olives, and then half with chicken, olives, pineapple, tomatoe and red pepper), pepperoni with olives and some mushrooms, half canadian bacon and pineapple, and half that was totally veggie with no cheese (we had a few non-dairy people).

The other thing she requested was Voodoo Donuts. She first had these donuts at a friends birthday party. The company is very "alternative" and quite interesting. Their donuts are creative, crazy and topped with things I would have never imagined. Some of the names of the donuts are "ahem" not very appropriate (we bypassed those). I think they would've been better if purchased and eaten on the same day, but I just wasn't able to manage that. I mean, come on, there was just no way to get to downtown Portland, back, make pizza's and all by 1:00...okay, I guess I could've since Voodoo Donuts is open 24/7 but well, I just didn't want to. 

Here's where flexibility and lifesaving came in. My plan on the Friday before the party was to leave around noon to run errands in town and pick up donuts. The problem? The internet company came at 10:45 to re-connect our internet and they DIDN'T LEAVE till 3:00!! Now that wouldn't have been bad except that I had to be at the church at 6:00 and I just knew I wouldn't have enough time to get it all done (have you ever driven in Portland traffic?). 
Earlier in the day I had sent a text to a friend who had bought these donuts before to ask her a question. She said she was working in downtown Portland that afternoon and offered to pick up the donuts for me. Can we say LIFESAVER!!!
So, all in all the day was great. It was a wonderful group of young ladies, both peers and a few gals who over the course of Kat's life have had great influence and a place in her heart. She loved her gifts, we played fun games and even went outside and took some pictures. There is nothing like great friendships, great food and wonderful memories. 
I love my girls. Kat told me "thank you mom for all you did" several times throughout the night and next day. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


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