Learning to shoot Manual

I've really been learning alot from Darcy (well all the ladies in fact) from 3 Boybarians when it comes to really knowing how to use my camera. I'd encourage you to go check it out.

Today she challenged us to go out and shoot completely manual. She explained all about metering (which I had no clue about but figured out how to make adjustments...whether I did them right or not is another story), ISO, Aperture and shutter speed. 

I didn't have a ton of time to shoot pictures today, so I only took a few, but I'm very excited to get out and practice some more. I want to also practice more inside...maybe tomorrow. 

It was nice to finally understand how to keep a picture from being  over or under exposed.

 ISO 200 F/8 Shutter speed 1/160 (we are adding onto our house and took a few pics)
 ISO 200 F/8 shutter speed 1/160 (it was a little "under" exposed) so I switched
 ISO 200 F/8 shutter speed 1/125 (I could actually see a difference when I adjusted things

 My oldest daughter plays on her High School Varsity soccer team. Her games are usually at 5:00 or 7:00. This makes it difficult for me to rely on my "sports" mode setting. So I took advantage of that and played with the manual settings. I didn't have the ability to write anything down but I did keep changing and playing with the shutter speed and aperture. I did shoot on ISO 6400 which is the highest mine will go. I do notice the pictures are much more "grainy". At that time I didn't know about metering, so that would've been interesting to see what the camera was trying to tell me, since some of the pictures look so much lighter than it actually was outside.

Thank you Darcy for all your amazing work on these posts. Things are finally making sense to me and I'm not so afraid to try my manual modes.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Those looks great.

    With the shutter speed left open long enough you can make almost any twilight shot look like daylight given enough time.

    These are great. Congrats on graduating to M!

  2. great job on manual!! and you are a brave woman taking those soccer pics all by yourself! Im not quite there to meter and shoot my crazy kids at the same time! lol

  3. yeah, manual is fun. Not too scary anyhow. thanks for stopping by and would love for you to come visit again.


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