A girls night

 Last weekend I had the privilege of staying down on the Oregon Coast for a night. One of Kat's friends was celebrating her 16th birthday and wanted to take 6 friends and spend two nights at the beach with her mom. Kat and another girl were invited but had a soccer game on Saturday afternoon. I knew they really wanted to go and so I volunteered to drive them the 2 1/2 hours so they could be there. The gals mom (who is a friend of mine) invited me to stay the night with them. Now, I don't get these invites often (life is busy), so I jumped at the opportunity to have some "girl" time. I arranged a few things so that it was possible for me to go.
We left the soccer game and headed out! What a beautiful drive! I have decided that I must make this drive again in the fall and take the time to stop at all the little roadside stands selling fruit and other goodies, the antique stores in the quaint towns and take pictures of all the beautiful fall landscapes. But I had two girls who really wanted to get to the party and it was raining.  It didn't rain on my drive home the next day (but I had left my camera with the girls so they could take more pictures). We do frequent this beach town (Lincoln City, Oregon) but not often. My in-laws visit it every year. 
The girls all had so much fun and I enjoyed some wonderful conversations with my friend. We attempted a wet and windy walk down to the beach Saturday evening and ended up laughing and screaming and getting VERY wet.  
One of the things the girls all wanted to do was take pictures down at the beach and they asked me to bring my camera. I happily obliged. Just the week before, the weather had been beautiful, however, a storm moved in and it was looking iffy! The weather did clear up enough for us to take the girls down to the beach on Sunday and take some really fun  pictures. They are such an amazing group of girls and we had a blast with them. I wish I could show you all 200 pictures we too, but I'll share a few. I left Sunday afternoon because I needed to get back to work in the coffee shop during a conference that was going on at our church. I left Kat at the beach so she could have more time with her friends.
It was so worth the drive down there. I could have easily said I just didn't have the time to stay the night, but I'm glad I made the necessary arrangements and stayed. We enjoyed yummy food, wet, windy beach weather, lots of laughter and an all around good time.
They hugged!
 they screamed and ran from the waves that came to our feet..then drank chocolate milk in the hot tub.
 They are beautiful, fun and crazy silly.
 They are risk takers
They love!

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. LOVE the Oregon coast even in the rain and yuck :) Glad you had a good time.

  2. What fun and what beautiful girlies! Looks like they enjoyed themselves!


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