First Bonfire of the Season

I don't know what the weather is like where you live but here in the PNW (SW Washington to be exact) it has been cold and beginning to get wet, thought the weather man just said it's going to be clear for the next week.
 Yesterday I heard hubby say to Kat "so, we're having about 20 people over tonight?" My brain became immediately confused..."We're having WHAT?" "Oh, mom, didn't we tell you? We're having a bonfire tonight." If you know my family, which most of you don't, you'd know that my daughters LOVE bonfires! They'd have them every weekend, every night, and they mourn when the burn ban goes into effect every summer. 
So, we realized that the burn ban had been lifted for a few weeks, and we have a lot of wood to burn, we bonfire it was. Kat usually coordinates these. She decides who she's going to invite, delegates everyone to bring something (hot dogs, buns, marshmallows, etc), tells everyone to bring their own chairs and we have a party. Last night it was soooo cold, I pulled my electric water kettle outside and had hot chocolate available to everyone. 
bonfire from last year
Bonfires are a fun way for people to just come up and hang out, visit, talk, laugh and play! Do you have bonfires? What do you do? What do you serve? I don't have an outdoor table, so we set up two sawhorses and a piece of plywood!

On a side note, we're making great progress on our house. I'll post some pictures soon. 

With Joy UNquenchable,


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