Envisioning the Future

 If there is anyone out there who actually reads this blog, you'll know that we are in the process of building the second phase of our house. The first phase was completed almost 2 years ago. I have over 47posts that I labeled, and I'm sure others I didn't label. It was quite the process. It was an exciting process.
 Enjoy some pictures that I've been taking of the process. I know it's hard to visualize (at least for me it is)

We are making progress on this next phase. Slowly but surely. The exterior walls and interior walls are all up. We are almost ready for trusses, we just have to put up the posts for the covered porch. Listen to me, saying "we", it's hubby who is doing all the work. My job is to hold the fort down and clean up the messes. 
 I'm looking forward to decorating the porch. I can't wait to ask for everyone's opinions on what should go where.
During this process (previous and current) we have friends who were on the same journey and have completely completed their projects. Sometimes that has been discouraging to us, but not for long, when we think about our resources, finances and the fact that we are doing it ourselves. Our goal is to have the roof on by winter. When we are in it completely is up in the air.
 This main area reminds of a "hearth room" that I've seen in many house plans. The kitchen and sitting room are blended together to create a cozy spot. There will be a large island in the middle that will function as a "table" too.
As I walk out to view the progress, I envision (there's where that word comes in) what it will look like finished. I envision colors on the walls, the floors, people gathered around the island, cooking, laughing, eating, playing. I envision pictures on the walls. I envision sitting on a cozy chair in front of the pretty gas stove that is beautifully entitled "Tree of Life" (I forgot to take a picture). I envision having a decorating style and knowing how I want to decorate. 
The picture below shows the master bath and bedroom (through the kitchen wall)

We had to stray from our original "dream plan", but I'm excited about this new plan. It's not the house that makes the dream, it's what takes place inside it.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I'm still reading and I love the pictures! It looks exciting and before you know it, you will be living what you are currently envisioning :)

  2. Looks like it's going to be amazing! I love the idea of having the fireplace and sitting area with the kitchen. How impressive that you are doing it yourselves! That will make it even more special to you when it's all done.


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