Entertaining on 3 Different Levels

 Last weekend was filled with hostessing on several levels. Sometimes hostessing, entertaining, whatever you choose to call it, takes on different looks depending on the circumstances. Sometimes we stick those terms in a pre-conceived box and have a hard time thinking outside that box. I've decided life is more fun lived outside the box.

We had the honor and privilege of being asked if one of Nan's new friends at church could stay with us over the weekend so her parents (parents of 6 little ones) could go away alone for the first time in 13 years!!! This young lady was a complete joy to have  and Nan loved having someone her own age in the house (especially since for 2 1/2 days her big sister was gone). Hostessing on that level was making sure they had fun, were well fed, making sure clothes were clean, even doing a few little "extras" with and for them. We had a fun weekend with this sweet girl! In our home we are often hostessing/entertaining our girls' friends. I love it!
 The second level was hostessing those who helped work on our house. We have begun our second phase of building and we are doing it ourselves once again. Hubby's dad helped a few days and another young man from church also helped for about 3 days. This is a total blessing for us since I'm usually not much help in the "building" realm. I keep the house running smooth and everyone fed, but don't let me near a tape measure. Yep, that's the second level. I've been making sure the "help" eats yummy lunches and snacks. A few days it was sandwiches, yesterday it was lentil and veggie soup. I know they appreciate it and I realized I need to make note of this for future grocery shopping trips. I hadn't thought about having food available (and while of course they could bring their own food, I like to bless them that way). 
 On Sunday after church  we had a family of 4 over (mom, dad and two youngsters). We love this family but sometimes it's hard to get together. Oftentimes we'll go to their house because I've found that when younger children are involved it's just easier to get together at their house where their toys and "comfort" are more readily available. This time we met at our house. I served up lasagna, green salad, garlic Texas toast and she brought a dessert called Cavity Maker, served with strawberries and whipped cream. YUM-O!! We visited, laughed, talked about Kamboucha tea, the kids all played (Nan, her friend and their two little ones...Kat was gone camping all weekend) outside (Nan made sure some of her things were available for the kids to play with and she and her friend even planned a "treasure hunt" and then made puppets with paper bags) and the adults played a fun game of Settlers of Catan. Our day ended around 7:00 and we all agreed it was a wonderful time. We had so much fun I didn't take any pictures. 
 When our Sunday guests arrived, she brought me some pretty mums in a ball jar! I actually need to go replant them now.


With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. You definitely have the gift of hostessing! Looks like fun for all. Your next phase is really taking shape - whoo hoo! I'll trade you a little building skills for some cooking skills - lol :) When we had people helping they were looking at me like "where's lunch?" and I wanted to ask them the same ;) Seriously, I wanted to thank them for their help with lunch, too.

  2. okay, you can come help build and I'll come and make lunch for your helpers (C:


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