A Crazy Week

This is the first time all week (since my last post) that I have had to sit down and write. I have not even had a chance to read anyone else's blogs (though I've seen the titles of many posts and am dying to get caught up). Our week has just been nuts.

You know, I kind of thought that once my oldest daughter started playing High School Soccer, things might get a bit easier (umm...I was a bit disillusioned and apparently in denial), because it went from two night a week practices (that hubby took her and Nan to, leaving me with 4 hours of beautiful quiet to myself) and one or two games a week, to three or four night a week practices (that I drive her to and from), with two or three games a week, not to mention Nan's fall season starting up and having two or three games a weekend. I still seriously think I need to be driving a luxury SUV or Van, or Car...anything Luxury to make this all worth it. Okay, I'm kinda kidding about the car, but only Kinda!!!

So, I have been trying to adjust to new schedule (I have to make sure I'm home everyday from anywhere I go by 3:00 so I can take Kat to practice), beginning our second phase of building, school schedule (still homeschooling and trying to not go anywhere before the girls are done with school so I can be totally available to them), and all the other things we're involved in at the church. 

Last Friday Nan began coming down with a cough that gradually progressed, and Monday night found her and sleeping downstairs (her on the chair, me on the couch) and we've been there all week, getting up several times for cough medicine or just to pray healing over her body.

Monday I went to the dentist and they informed me I had a little cavity that needed to be taken care of. I made an appointment for Tuesday morning, however upon waking up after very little sleep I canceled that appointment. I put in one load of laundry (our washer and dryer are upstairs), and then another load, and was sitting on the couch reading History with Nan when hubby came home. All of a sudden he said "what's that noise". We all stopped talking and heard water running. Jumping up and running into the hallway, we found water all over the floor downstairs, running out of the light fixtures in the hall, bathroom and kitchen. We discovered that the hose from the washer had popped out and leaked all over. I should have went to the dentist! I knew this was my doing because I knew I had jiggled the washer and probably loosened the hose in the process. I felt awful. It took every towel we owned to dry up the water and keep it dry while hubby pulled down the light fixures (recessed lights), tore out the bathroom ceiling and called a friend of ours who works for a company that comes in and does repairs after floods, fires, etc..He showed up with 5 fans and put them throughout the house to dry the water from the floors, ceilings and wherever else the water was.
 So for the last 3 days we've had incredibly loud fans going 24 hours a day, sheetrock dust here and there, and just somewhat chaotic, because even in the midst of that life still goes on with girls needing to get to practice, etc. We are thinking things will be fine (we'll just need to replace the bathroom ceiling). But it really threw us for a loop.  Then yesterday my neighbor called and said "did you know your septic alarm is going off?"...uh NO I DID NOT!!! That was the last thing I wanted to hear. No idea why it was going off, but I think we might have turned the pump off after the water leak and forgot to put it back on. I don't know, because hubby hasn't said anything so it must be fine!
 I'm so thankful for friends however because we were very blessed on Wednesday. We had friends scheduled to come for lunch this Sunday after church and I had to call them Tuesday and cancel because I just really didn't know what the state of our house would be in. The wife promptly said that she would be bringing us a meal the following day. This was a huge blessing because I hadn't thought about dinner and I was pretty much out of food needing to go grocery shopping. I wish I had taken a picture of the meal because it reminded me of Sandy. She brought us lasagna, a salad made from shredded greens, bow-tie pasta, chopped peppers, tomatoes and cheese cubes, garlic artisan bread and homemade brownies. The lasagna and brownies were in those wonderful disposable tin baking pans, and the salad looked beautiful in a Ziploc bag. She also included some shredded Parmesan cheese.

Previously that day (Wednesday) I made some  homemade bread since we really didn't have much food in the house and I knew everyone would be hungry (especially since hubby was working on the house with a friend...the second phase). Even though our house felt like a sauna with all the fans going (I know, an oxymoron right?, but it really was extremely hot inside), I had to do something. I'll post the recipe in a few minutes, it was so good.

So while this week has been absolutely nuts, we've made it and have just had to laugh at all that's happened. I'm thankful for friends, I'm thankful for my girls for how helpful they were, and thankful that my hubby knows what he's doing. 

I'm reminded of two quotes I've heard recently...

"When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and then sit back and watch the world wonder how you did it".

"I live in a snow globe and the outside world tries everyday to shake me up. And when it gets shook up, instead of having my world fall apart, I choose to stick out my tongue and catch snowflakes" 

With Joy UNquenchable,


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