Lake Day and A New Love

 I love cooking and this time of year I love grilling. I often use the same marinade  recipe, or the same grilling sauce and I get stuck in a rut. I've recently discovered a few "new" sauces that I now LOVE and I wanted to share the "LOVE" with you. 

The first new "love" is Jamaica Mistake by Johnny's. I was introduced to it by a friend and used it recently at home to everyone's delight. I marinated some chicken tenders for an hour or so and put them on the grill. Big hit!
 Beautiful Cresap Bay on the Lewis River

On Thursday we took about 35 kids and young adults from our church up to one of our local lakes for a day of playing in the sun, you know, boating, tubing, swimming, playing games, eating food! We did burgers, chicken/veggie kabobs, several salads, chips, cookies, fruit and veggies. 

This is where the two other "loves" come in. We were planning to marinate the kabobs in the Jamaica Mistake and someone had told me Costco was carrying it, so I decided to buy it there instead of Winco. As I walked up and down the aisles, I began to have that dreaded feeling that I wasn't going to find what I was looking for. You know how Costco is, they carry something for awhile and then poof, it's gone! Well that was the case with the Jamaica Mistake. It was gone, or at least I didn't see it. 
 Hubby going time I'll go

As I slowly walked the aisles my eyes happened upon these two bottled beauties. Fischer and Wieser sauces. One was their Charred Pineapple Bourbon Sauce and the other was their Pomegranate mango Chipotle Sauce. They sounded so good I just had to get them. We were not disappointed. Everyone loved them and I will be buying them again. My Costco bottles were twice this size. I wasn't sure at first because, well, I just didn't know if anyone would like them. I'm glad I went ahead and got them.
The ingredients were fairly "natural" so I didn't feel like there were too many "bad for you" ingredients in them. Their website has many recipes and suggestions for use, which include topping ice cream, waffles and other desserts. They have organic and gluten free products as well. Click here to find a store near you. In Washington and Oregon they can be found in many local Walmarts, Costco, Safeway and a few other specialty shops. I'm going to look for more the next time I'm out.

I'm throwing a few pics in of our lake adventure. The girls had a blast on the tubes and hubby Kayaked. It was Nan's first time out on the tubes and at first she was nervous, but once she knew the driver wasn't going to throw her, she had a blast and I hear it only took her about 2 minutes before she was ready to go faster and have him make the tube go from side to side. Kat loved it too and both girls would've stayed out all day if they could've. Well Nan did, Kat had to go to soccer practice.

Nan on the tube (she's the little one on the bottom)
 Kat is on the right
With Joy UNquenchable,


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